XChange CRM Studio

Below are a few that were designed, developed, and managed
by our in-house studio.

Social Corp / Intranet

Social Corp / Intranet is a tool designed for small and medium sized businesses. It keeps corporate and its employees close by sharing relevant information. This information can be organized in a hierarchy like corporate level, office level, department level, team level. The database records all employee information and you can review it by name list, phone list, or department lists

This powerful and easy to use software allows your team to start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resources. It offers you wide range solutions that your human resource data management needs.

xchange CRM

xChange CRM frees you to do what you do best, SELLING. Automate tasks, improve workflow and focus on creating and capturing opportunities. Manage your sales, accelerate your growth and transform your business. Prioritize your tasks and prospects, know what's important to sell faster and grow your business. The key to better selling is to prioritize the prospects who are interested in the solution you offer.

Supplement your internal team or let us further personalize your experience with powerful additions and hands-on support. Keeping in mind that the needs and requirements of every organization and business differ, we can help you to build similar solutions based to match and sync with respect to your business needs.


E-commerce comes with a fully friendly admin area, complete with detailed product, orders, customer management, and even more - allowing you to manage every aspect of your new online store from any device, anywhere in the World. It supports number of payment gateways, a lot of payment gateways are added at core, the total payment gateways it supports now is 10+

Shopping Cart has a guest checkout feature so that customers don't have to sign up for an account and can simply just enter the minimum amount of details required to process their order.

Customer Portal

A smarter way to explain the past and predict the future. If you were fortunate enough to survive the implementation of legacy CRM software, chances are you're sitting there with a decent database—at best— littered with random spots of manually entered sales and customer data.

Xchange CRM automatically tracks over half a million data points for every customer to deliver accurate and cutting edge reports. The data-driven insights give your business a competitive edge and bring a scientific approach to the way your business sells.