XChange CRM features

XChange CRM frees you to do what you do best, SELLING. Automate tasks, improve workflow and focus on creating and capturing opportunities. Manage your sales, accelerate your growth and transform your business

Prioritize Sell smarter

Prioritize your tasks and prospects, know what's important to sell faster and grow your business. The key to better selling is to prioritize the prospects who are interested in the solution you offer.

Sales Management

The best sales teams know that managing their sales pipeline is critical for achieving sales success. Manage sales opportunities, collaborate with peers and have every piece of information related to sales.

Expandable & Scalable

It doesn't matter if you have 1 user or 250. xChange Software will improve your companies look, efficiency, response time, and profitability dramatically.

Draft, schedule, release

Once you're ready to go live, just tell us when and where you'd like your content to show up. We'll make sure it always appears in the right place at the right time.

Territory Management

Territory management enables larger companies with a complex sales structure to organize their activities along multiple dimensions. Define territories based on any customer or market characteristics.

Connect with your Customers

Listen to customer's conversations over social media, and engage with them right from within your CRM account. Understand where your tweets and Facebook posts are coming from, so you can be connected

Our Modules

CRM Dashboards

We feature a number of flexible options, such as cross-linking modules, arithmetic operations, public/private folders, scheduling reports generation and delivering to the intended users through email. In addition, 25 plus standard reports are packed in various modules which can be used as a ready reference and enhance the learning experience.

CRM Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using CRM dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data.

Integration with Outlook

Xchange CRM plug-in for Microsoft Outlook easily integrates all your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Xchange CRM. You don't have to change your application or workflow. It's just that now, everything you do in Outlook is captured and organized within your CRM system—so you can more easily manage and share important information. And your customer profiles and account data always stays timely and accurate. It's truly the best of both worlds.

Synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and Xchange CRM and it also resolves conflicts while synchronizing so that there will not be any mismatch of the customer data

CRM Reports

Xchange CRM creates standard CRM reports in sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management modules. It creates cross-link reports spanning across multiple modules and performs arithmetical operations using aggregate functions (sum, average, min and max) and store reports in different types of public/private folders and enable access to the users according to their access privileges.

Reports schedule the report generation mechanism and send printer-friendly reports to the specified users and export sales report data to various user-friendly formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS and CSV.

Measure performance, Real time

A smarter way to explain the past and predict the future. If you were fortunate enough to survive the implementation of legacy CRM software, chances are you're sitting there with a decent database—at best— littered with random spots of manually entered sales and customer data.

Xchange CRM automatically tracks over half a million data points for every customer to deliver accurate and cutting edge reports. The data-driven insights give your business a competitive edge and bring a scientific approach to the way your business sells.

3CX Integration

Integration with 3CX allows you to call directly from Xchange CRM. Wave goodbye to manually logging prospect interactions. All of your team's phone calls are automatically captured in Xchange CRM. The advantages it brings to your business are immense.

The ability to launch calls to contacts with a single click straight from Xchange CRM. Inbound calls are automatically linked to a customer record based on their caller ID and the customer record is brought up automatically upon receiving a call. All calls are logged as call records in the CRM. This allows sales personnel to easily keep track of calls made to a customer and to take notes of what needs to be actioned.